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Panorama of Western Alps

Watercolour on paper 30 x 50 cm

I spent decades living and climbing in the Italian Alps, but I am still left breathless by the scale, colour and purity of the panorama-view from high in their peaks.

Euro 450

Western Alps


Cormorant on the Ilen River

A3 Watercolour on paper

These lovely birds are often seen on the rivers and inlets in West Cork, spreading their wings wide to dry their feathers in the sun and breeze.

Euro €99


Oil on canvas

Approximate size 25 x 18 INCHES

Strong bold strokes of oil paint

Vibrant and vivid

Euro €450.00

Parrot Pair

Oil on canvas

Silver Cup and Cherries

Watercolour- mounted 42x35 cm

I often copy the work of master-painters, re-interpreting and changing details as I work. This has its origins in Chardin and I used the piece to explore his use of warm and cold colour.

Euro 195

Silver Cup and Cherries


Felix The Calico Cat

Watercolour on Paper A4 size

This is an initial watercolour

which I later copied and slightly altered for a larger version used by Impi Ireland to become a design for one of their most popular greeting cards.

It is close to my heart because the cat it depicts is the first one I ever owned, Felix, my independent shadow.


Seal Head

Tempera on Canvas 40.5X30.5 cm

Working at Mizen Head for the Mizen Tourism Co-operative, I often see seals and their pups swimming and basking and they inspired me to try and capture their playfullness in paint.

Euro 250

Angel's Peak (L'Angelo Grande) 25.5 X 35.5 cm w'col

One of the minor peaks in the Ortles Range. I was fascinated by the wave-like effect of the hanging glacier. The peak used to host a controverstial, murderous downhill route for winter skiers.

Euro 295

Rocks at Barleycove

Watercolour-Mounted 535x435mm

I have always been inspired by the almost abstract construction of rocks and cliff-faces, the cracks and strata, moss and shadows. These rocks at Barleycove Beach, West Cork, bring those contrasts together.

Euro 295

Rocks at Barleycove


Ancient Altar Tomb

250mm x 320mm

Mounted on A3

Pre-Christian Dolman Tomb in County Clare. I have tried to paint this in a modern way, while keeping the power and mystery of the ancient burial site.

Euro 75

Altar Tomb

A3 mounted watercolour

Irish Celtic Round Tower

A4 Watercolour on Paper

The most famous is in Glendalough but these unique ancient Celtic stone sanctuaries stood across Ireland in the Dark Ages. Monks and Scholars once scrambled up rope ladders to the only openings in the very top, taking their treasured manuscripts with them to stay safe from Viking invaders.

I have painted this ancient structure in a Fauvist way which I hope still preserves its feeling as an immortal, by now almost organic, part of the landscape.

Euro 40

Irish Round Tower

A4 watercolour on paper

Branches on the Riverbank

Watercolour on paper

26 X 35 cm

Walking in the woods near Glengarriff, West Cork, there are a host of details of nature to catch the eye.

When I saw this view along the river-bank, the intricate design of the branches and their reflection in the water below struck me as a beautiful challenge.

Euro 195

Branches on Riverbank


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