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View Over Healy Pass

Watercolour 560mm x 380mm

This mountain pass, between Cork and Kerry is a part of Ireland I always return to. It's a stunning contrast of rocks, lush green grass and dark, glinting peat-bog and mountain lakes and the dancing light makes the scene ever-changing. Euro 495

Healy Pass


The Walled City

280mm x 190 mm

watercolour on paper

A walled Alpine Castle, in the style of renowned South Tyrol artist Heiner Gschwendt, who was a friend of my family and a mentor to me when I was a young art student.

Euro 75

Walled City


West Cork Pheasant

A3 watercolour on paper

Several handsome male pheasants squabble for territory around the farmlands where we live and, every spring, the more soberly coloured hens and chicks come and feed in the next door fields.


Ross Castle, Killarney

350mm x 260 mm

Watercolour on Paper

This famous Co Kerry Castle was perfectly reflected in the lake one day, giving it a sense of stillness out of time.

Euro 120

Ross Castle, Killarney


Nude Lady, Seated

A4 Sized Watercolour on Paper

Using light strokes and colours,

I have tried to give this nude study a fresh and feminine air.

Euro 50

Nude Lady Seated

A4 watercolour

Naked Blonde Woman

150mm x 250 watercolour, mounted on A4

A sensual but delicately drawn nude, softly painted with pinks and flesh-tones.

Euro 50

Naked Blonde


Butterfly on Flower

A3 sized watercolour on paper

An orange-tip butterfly, combining delicacy with such strong colour was a tempting challenge for painting.

I hope the finished work does it justice.

Euro 100

Orange Tip Butterfly

A3 watercolour

Still Life - After Chardin

Watercolour- Mounted 305x385 mm

A still-life grouping inspired by Chardin. This is a free-colour interpretation of one of Chardin's mastepieces, painted very quickly on wet paper.

Euro 250

After Chardin

still life watercolout

Golden Rose

A4 sized watercolour on paper

A peach coloured unfurling rose.

Simple but always beautiful.

Euro 70

Golden Rose

A4 watercoour

Lake Eychauda- Alps

Watercolour on Paper 56 x 38 cm

This is a place I have visited on the Swiss/Italian border. This shows the scene in the very early morning, when all is quiet and isolated. I have tried to capture the almost supernatural stillness that can be found in mountain lakes. Euro 495

Lake Eychauda


The Noon Peak

Watercolour - Mounted 59x49 cm

One of the vast and towering rock-peaks to be found in the Dolomites. This is the kind of landscape that I have painted all my life and it still never fails to inspire me.

Euro 450

Noon Peak


Dolphins Off West Cork

Watercolour Painting. Image measures 25 cm x 15, On A3 Sheet

Dolphins often play alongside boats off the West Cork coast. I've tried to capture the fluidity of their movements.

Euro 55

Dolphins off West Cork

Watercolour on paper

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