Fin Whale Spouting
A3 watercolour on paper

Sometimes spotted off the West Cork Coast. I loved the colours of the sea and whale that day and have tried to catch the motion of the moment.  €50

Nude in Bedroom
A4 Ink on Paper
Simple and striking.

Cliffs at Mizen Head watercolour on A3 paper

The cliffs and sea arches at Mizen Head are worn by the rough waves of the Wild Atlantic Way so that they change from year to year. 

Irish kingfisher

Watercolour on paper  A4
These little birds have brilliant colours but are hardly ever still enough to be seen properly. They flicker across the tops of the rivers in Glengariff woods
Euro 80

Lynx Head
Watercolour on paper.
Cats are always inscrutable.
This Lynx head is one of a series of animal designs I've been working on.  Others are being used as designs on greetings cards.  This is definately one of my favourites.
Portrait of Judith
Pastel on paper  70 X 45 cm
This started off life as a study
for an oil painting but, years
afterwards, I came back to it,
feeling the model's strength
of features and direct gaze
might work well in a medium
like pastels.
I think the finished result has
a delicate but striking air to
Euro 295
Painted Lady
Tempera on Canvas 40.5 X 30.5cm
The technique of tempera lends itself beautifully to bringing out the strong and glossy colours of the butterfly wing, without losing the sense of its delicacy.
Euro 250

Morning in the Alps
Watercolour on paper 30 x50 cm Portaying Ortler in Italy, 3905mt high. I have climbed in these mountains in my youth and am always struck by the way the early morning light fires the varying colours of the rock-face.
Euro 395

Old Lady
(after Rembrandt)
Pen & Ink Drawing
17 X22 cm
Taken from an old painting by Rembrandt kept in the Hermitage Museum, Russia.
Like many artists, I find that studying paintings by Old Masters and trying my best to copy them, in who9le or in part, is a disciplined way of extending my own range and of coming to better understand the Masters' methods. Rembrandt always excelled in his depictions of middle-aged and elderly people and to work from his work is a pleasure that I hope this does some justice to.
Euro 100

3 Castle Head- West Cork
Watercolour - Mounted 54x43 cm
Visiting these ruins, my eye was caught by the block-like form of the castle and the shadows it threw across the landscape, which immediatly gave me a strong feeling for the compostion of the finished work.

Lilac-Crested Roller
Watercolour- Mounted
These tiny birds travel
across Africa in large flocks.
I was strongly attracted to
paint it because of its delicate
form and strong  colours 
Euro  195

Silver Valley (Tribulaun Alps) Watercolour 28 X 38 cm
Ancient silver-mines lend this valley its name. I often travelled the motorway Nth/Sth across the Alps and this peak caught my eye in many seasons and times of day until I felt compelled to paint it. It is shown here in mid-winter, in the chill of early morning.
Euro 395
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