Panorama of Western Alps
Watercolour on paper 30 x 50 cm
I spent decades living and climbing in the Italian Alps, but I am still left breathless by the scale, colour and purity of the panorama-view from high in their peaks.
Euro 450
Silver Cup and Cherries
Watercolour- mounted 42x35 cm
I often copy the work of master-painters, re-interpreting and changing details as I work.  This has its origins in Chardin and I used the piece to explore his use of warm and cold colour.
Euro 225
Red Frog
Water colour on paper.
One of the animal designs I have been playing with.  Strong colours and a somehow endearing good-luck frog.
Euro 99
Seal Head
Tempera on Canvas 40.5X30.5 cm
Working at Mizen Head for the Mizen Tourism Co-operative, I often see seals and their pups swimming and basking and they inspired me to try and capture their playfullness in paint.
Euro 250
Angel's Peak (L'Angelo Grande) 25.5 X 35.5 cm w'col
One of the minor peaks in the Ortles Range. I was fascinated by the wave-like effect of the hanging glacier. The peak used to host a controverstial, murderous downhill route for winter skiers.
                                                                                          Euro  295                
Rocks at Barleycove
Watercolour-Mounted 535x435mm
I have always been inspired by the almost abstract construction of rocks and cliff-faces, the cracks and strata, moss and shadows. These rocks at Barleycove Beach, West Cork, bring those contrasts together.
Euro 295
Watercolour on paper
285 x 385 mm
Working on a project for the
Mizen Tourist Co-operative, painting watercolours of local birds and wildlife
has inspired me to make a wide variety of bird sketches.  I hope to finish some of these as watercolours over the coming months.
So this proudly crested waxwing may have company in the gallery soon.
Euro 195
Branches on the Riverbank
Watercolour on paper
26 X 35 cm
Walking in the woods near Glengarriff, West Cork, there are a host of details of nature to catch the eye.
When I saw this view along the river-bank, the intricate design of the branches and their reflection in the water below struck me as a beautiful challenge.
Euro 195
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