View Over Healy Pass
Watercolour 56 x 38
This mountain pass, between  Cork and Kerry is a part of Ireland I always return to.  It's a stunning contrast of rocks,  lush green grass and dark, glinting peat-bog and mountain lakes and the dancing light makes the scene ever-changing. Euro 495
Reclining Nude
Watercolour on paper 40 X 20cm
This started as a sketch from life. A classic pose in warm pastel colours. I worked it up to this point but was reluctant to go further as I feel it has a fey, classic completion to it.
                                                                                          Euro  199
Watercolour on Paper
A quick study of a bunch of summer poppies.  Freely painted, with strong but subtle colours.
Euro 99
Still Life - After Chardin
Watercolour- Mounted 305x385 mm
A still-life grouping inspired by Chardin.  This is a free-colour interpretation of one of Chardin's mastepieces, painted very quickly on wet paper.
Euro 250
Brush and Ink Drawing
16 X 22 cm
(Shown in mount)
This is a brush and ink drawing,
taken, but much adapted, from
the oil painting of Judith and Holofernes by Veronese.
This has been a very popular biblical source-story for artists throughout the ages and we  have all put our own, particular, spin on it.
Euro 100
Lake Eychauda- Alps
Watercolour on Paper 56 x 38 cm
This is a place I have visited on the Swiss/Italian border.  This shows the scene in the very early morning, when all is quiet and isolated.  I have tried to capture the almost supernatural stillness that can be found in mountain lakes. Euro 495
The Noon Peak
Watercolour - Mounted 59x49 cm
One of the vast and towering rock-peaks to be found in the Dolomites.  This is the kind of landscape that I have painted all my life and it still never fails to inspire me.
Euro 450
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